The greater the adversity, the stronger the comeback. When you work to sync your internal environment with your physical body, you change your world.

Leticia (Teesh) is The Bunker’s Photoshoot Prep and Lifestyle Transformation Queen. She gives her all to her clients through coaching compliance, lifestyle integration and encouraging her girls to embody their best self in every aspect of their life.

You can often hear her laugh echo across the gym as she tells her girls to eat more and meditate often. She loves a good booty session and a heart to heart convo with her girls about their aspirations for life.

– Cert III & IV Aust Inst Fitness
– KILO Strength Society Course
– Clean Health L1 & 2 Performance PT & Performance Nutrition
– Layne Norton – Training the Physique Athlete & The Science of Nutrition
– Hattie Boydle & Brett Contreras Glute Training
Fat Loss & Hypertrophy Coaching, as well as Body Recomposition.

1. WBFF Bikini 2019 (placed Top 10)

2. Animal Lover & Dog Rehab Volunteer Worker

3. Yoga Teacher



“Where do I begin! I worked with Leticia for 6 months and she literally changed everything for me. Before working with her I was stuck in a terrible cycle of eating super clean, then binging then trying to fix my guilt by doing excessive cardio. I wasn’t new to training but she perfected my form on so many lifts and taught me how to structure my workouts for my goals.

My body composition changed so much by barely even dieting, instead it was just by sticking to the basics and being compliant with my program. I’m so grateful for everything she has taught me but more than that, how dedicated she is to her clients and time she puts into us girls is second to none – not only on their fitness and aesthetic goals but their mental health and how they’re feeling! It’s amazing and I would 1000% recommend Teesh to anyone looking for coaching.“


“I suffered from an eating disorder for more than 10 years. 2018 was a hard year. I was hospitalised 3 times and my weight was down to 30kg. My last hospitalisation I spent about 3 months in various facilities, and over the course of that time, I put on more than 30kg. I was really depressed. My whole world had changed and I didn’t know what to do anymore.

Around January 2019 I decided to start going back to the gym, but I was very limited in what I could do. My body was very weak and I was suffering from a lot of joint aches and pains, poor sleep and depression. I was eating regular healthy meals but I was scared of putting on more weight and I still had the mindset that carbs were bad and a low carb diet was the only way to control my weight.

When I met Leticia I almost instantly knew I wanted to train with her. She was kind and understanding, respectful of where I was coming from, and took the time to explain the type of program she would prescribe for me and the reasons behind it. I felt really comfortable with her, and inspired that she knew exactly what to do to get me mentally and physically stronger and healthier.

I was excited to start. The approach Leticia took with my nutrition was to slowly build my calories to enable me to eat more without putting on weight and give my body the nutrients it needed to restore health and balance. She helped me to improve my mindset around carbs and fats by explaining the reasons behind the plan. More importantly, she gained my trust. I am now 10 weeks in and eating 2100 calories, 250g carbs and 65g fats! Without putting on body fat! I never thought I would be able to get to this position. My fears around food have reduced so much and my state of mind is so much healthier than it has been for probably 20 years.

With regard to training, we have been working on gradually building my strength in the gym. I workout 5 times per week and have a step target of 11000 steps per day. Compared to the volume I was doing before joining CHFI, this is completely manageable. I see Leticia twice a week for training, and it’s my favourite part of the week. She is fun and kind, but strict on technique and pushes me where she knows I can handle it. I really feel that Leticia’s strong focus on technique and tempo has helped the most when it comes to my strength gains.

I still have a way to go to achieve my goals, but I am excited to continue this journey and feel completely safe in Leticia’s hands. She knows her stuff and she gives 110% to her clients!”


“I started dieting about 18months before meeting leticia. I was hardcore on weight loss shakes and running up to 16km a day. The thought of going out for dinner with friends or having a ‘drink’ was anxiety plus! Yes I lost weight but I didn’t know how to function away from my ‘shakes’. I was working out at the gym but was choosing exercises that I enjoyed (that were easy) rather than those that pushed me. I was leaving the gym with a firm notion that ‘I don’t sweat’. I tried to leave the realm of diet shakes but ended up in a crazy binge restrict cycle that saw me so miserable and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing any weight. I was just a smaller version of my miserable self.

I was referred to Leticia because I was told she had experienced struggles and her own journeys of addiction and recovery. I would go into the gym and try to lift the heaviest possible weights I could but my technique was terrible. Leticia got me out of this cycle and taught me the cues to lift properly and safely. She taught me the importance of a balanced diet and focused on micronutrients to improve my health as opposed to just losing weight. I was relatively happy with my weight prior to working with Leticia but I had no idea how much I could change further.

Not only have I lost another 12.5kg, she has completely changed my body composition! I am so grateful for Leticia’s guidance! When I have meltdowns that I go over macros of 1-2g she makes me see sense of the world and appreciate the greater good of what I have achieved and of what life can offer. And, as it turns out, I do sweat! I was just never pushing myself as Leticia does. I am forever grateful and would recommend teesh to everyone and anyone with fitness goals!”


“I can honestly say that because of her coaching I am living my best life and am truly the best version of myself I have ever been. Before starting with Leticia, I had been working out for years and had some fitness knowledge, but my training majorly lacked direction. I was ashamed of my physique after years of repeated crash dieting, subsequent binges that resulted in not really understanding how to properly implement a dieting phase, and not having the guidance I needed.

Leticia gave me the structure I needed to successfully “stick to the plan” and empowered me to achieve not only what I had never been able to before, but things that I didn’t even think I was capable of. Practically, Leticia has taught me invaluable technique lessons that have changed the way I train and the overall effectiveness of my training. I am stronger in every lift.

While a physical change is undoubtedly what I wanted most, my transformation has been just as much mentally. Leticia has taught me that sustainability and consistency are key and that goals of any kind require discipline when motivation fades.”


“I’m a stay at home with two toddlers. I’m not a professional, and I really struggle with motivation and keeping on course. I chose Leticia for a very specific reason. I had three online coaches who I was choosing between, but her online presence is so much more than just selfies. Her work is from the heart, motivated by her past and struggles, and is why I chose her. She understands that life happens, and some things are not always as in our control as we want them to be. Thank you to Leticia for her dedication to me and her belief. Forever grateful!”


“I have never been able to achieve these results in my life. It didn’t matter how low I pushed my calories or restricted. All I knew was the 1200 calorie life. I battled many health concerns and struggled to achieve the balance of composition goals whilst maintaining my health. I was previously working with a trainer and realised the programming was not designed to suit my goals, nor was I enjoying the process. Then I found Leticia. Together we have worked to shift my views, I now trust the process. I am training smarter and loving the results my body is capable of producing!”




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