If you want to change your life, then you have to change your priority. Turn training into a habit.

Jes is an experienced coach for Fitness Models and Bodybuilders having her clients win multiple times in natural competitions.

Jes is a firm believer in practicing what she preaches inside and outside of the gym. Being a great role model and coach is her priority. This is why she continues to inspire many women and men to continue to follow their dreams and achieve their desired results.

Her specialties include female fat loss and nutritional programming & competition prep. Currently her clientele boasts a large number of female figure and fitness models and she is known for helping people from all walks of life achieve life changing physique transformations.

– AIF Master Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Cert 2008
– Charles Poliquin BioSignature Level 1 2011
– Charles Poliquin Level 2 PICP Strength Coach 2012
– Charles Poliquin Level 1 PICP Strength Coach 2012
– Charles Poliquin BioSignature 2013
– Charles Poliquin BioPrint 2014
– Charles Poliquin BioPrint 2015
– Charles Group BioSig 2015
– Competed in 20 Bodybuilding Competitions in Australia and overseas. With experience in four federations and many categories, Jes can walk the talk and pass on first hand experience and knowledge for training, nutrition and posing (from beginners to advanced)
I’m structured and results driven. I have taken what I’ve learnt from 10 years of weight training, old-school bodybuilding and the Charles Poliquin-style method, and created a unique method of my own. My training is suited to people from all walks of life: office workers, weight loss clients, people seeking strength training and competitors with structured 12-week transformation plans. Consistency is key to your results.

1. My dedication to fitness started in high school, having joined Schoolgirls Head of the River Rowing which involved training seven days a week

2. I’ve competed in 16 bodybuilding & fitness competitions

3. I have been a qualified Personal Trainer for 10+ years



“I met Jes in May 2019 and I can honestly say that she’s completely changed my life. I had just lost 22 kilos and was looking for a coach who would not only help me tone up (post weight loss) but who was able to train a 47 year old, vegan woman with no experience in weight training! I did my homework and found Jes who was very highly recommended, not only as a bodybuilding coach but as a coach who was thoroughly knowledgeable about vegan nutrition. From our first meeting, I felt completely comfortable with Jes and knew that I was in the best possible hands. After a month of training and following Jes’ nutrition plan, she suggested to me that I might like to compete in a bodybuilding competition.

I was amazed that she thought this was something I could do but I had complete faith that she knew I would make it. With Jes’ knowledge, experience and support I lost another 13 kilos, looked the best I had ever looked and was able to compete in my first competition in September, following it up with my second in October. This was a dream come true for me. I hadn’t believed I could ever get up on stage or be lean enough to compete but I made it and it’s changed my whole life and the way I see myself.”


“I have always been into fitness. I had been training for a while but started to get bored and felt my progress beginning to plateau, along with my enthusiasm and structure when it came to training. I asked around and kept hearing the name Jes Murphy. As soon as I reached out to Jes to help me with my training, I understood why. She immediately took the time to understand not only my goals, but why I wanted to achieve them, and the best way to fit a new training program into my day-to-day life. Jes completely changed my view on diet and really explained how beneficial it is to not only have a great training program, but to compliment this with great nutrition. Since beginning my training with Jes I feel the best I have ever felt and I’m enjoying my training more than ever. She practices what she preaches and, above all, genuinely cares. No matter who you are or what goals you have, you have to speak to Jes!”


“Jes is one of the most committed and experienced trainers around. When I met Jess I was feeling like I had no direction with my training. She always took the time to understand my goals. I love her approach to training. She’s professional, supportive, tough and caring, always checking my progress and making sure I understand the programming. I’m very happy with the results so far, she has completely changed my view on training and diet. I can’t recommend Jes highly enough. She really cares about and loves what she does!”




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